Storage systems for metal sheets

Horizontal storage of metal sheets

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In these horizontal storage systems you can compactly and safely store any metal sheets up to 6 meters in length.
Thanks to the 100% extractable or extendable shelves (drawers), your sheets are always completely available and every single sheet can immediately be transported to the machine by using a loading crane, a fork-lift truck or a vacuum lifter.

Due to it's pivoting doors, the metal sheet rack horizontal provides you with an efficient, space-saving storage method. You are able to compactly and safely store whole packages of steel sheets while still having immediate access to every single sheet you may need to process.

The metal sheet forklift rack is specifically designed for the handling and transport of steel sheets with the forklift truck. The cassettes are provided with openings in which the forks of the truck fit, so that the truck can completely remove the cassettes from the rack and transport them to the machine. In this way, the forks of the forklift truck can never come in contact with the metal sheet itself which means that it cannot be damaged by them. This way of working is sometimes required when there is a considerable distance between the storage and processing of the sheet metal.

Combining the two storage systems above in the so-called metal sheet warehouse rack, results in a very high storage capacity on a small surface. The horizontal sheet rack with its 100% extendable drawers at the bottom and the sheet forklift rack with the removable cassettes for the forklift truck at the top, provides you with a very strong storage system that is suitable for any way of transporting and handling your metal sheets.

Vertical storage of metal sheets

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In these compact storage systems your metal sheets are stored in a vertical manner.

The metal sheet rack vertical is a great solution for the compact and safe storage of metal sheets or metal sheet rest pieces. By pulling out the 100% extendable drawers, each sheet can be completely extracted from the rack. In this way you can easily take the sheet out of the drawer and transport it to the machine. This metal sheet rack ensures a clear overview of your metal sheets stock and guarantees immediate access to each sheet. No matter how you choose to transport your sheets - manually or with a crane or vacuum lifter - you'll always be able to work safely and efficiently.

If you prefer to work automatically or simply lack the space to pull out the drawers, the mobile frame racks offer the solution. These systems are designed to store sheets transversally and by shifting the drawers to the left or the right, an aisle can be created. Thanks to the aisle, you can always access every sheet in order to smoothly transport it to the machine. Depending on the dimensions and weight of your sheets, you can choose between a manual or an electrical operation of the rack. For both types there are several models with a light or heavy loading capacity.